Is Apache HBase 3.0 Released?

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There is no information about Apache HBase 3.0 release date

Meet Apache HBase 3.0

  • ExportSnapshot tool supports removing TTL
  • Support custom paths of independent configuration
  • Add a tool command list\_liveservers
  • Use spotless to reduce the pain on fixing checkstyle issues
  • Visualize current state of region assignment
  • Allow configuration of IPC queue balancer

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To check which version of HBase you are using, you can use the command
hbase version
. This will output the version of HBase you are running.

About HBase

HBase is a NoSQL non-relational database management system. HBase is almost entirely written in Java, which improves the availability across operating systems. HBase is very useful for a lot of developers, as it runs on top of the Hadoop stack. HBase is NoSQL, but the stack in which it is included also has a way to integrate Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) capabilities into HBase, in a way that then works like HBase supports both non-relational and relational data. HBase has very specific specializations in its functionality, making it the tool of choice for people working across different industries, especially the ones that take full advantage of big data capabilities.

HBase has applications in many industries, but it has seen good applications in bioengineering, where the amount of data points that a single experiment can generate is enormous and collected in very short frequencies. HBase works very well as a way to collect and extract sparse data, this means that it can find small numbers of very special outliers in a collection of tens of millions of data points, which is great for scientific observations. Outside of this, HBase is very applicable in business analytics and data gathering, specifically when there are applications developed in the Hadoop framework involved, as HBase forms part of the same stack.

There are specific functionalities and characteristics of HBase that may be of great interest to the reader. First, the Java API makes it extremely useful for people that are familiarized with the language to get started with HBase, which is a great addition, since Java is an extremely popular language and API base. HBase has one of the most advanced lookup techniques, leading it to be one of the best options for when the user is looking to extract outliers from big databases, as it was explained above. It supports both row-oriented and column-oriented databases. This adds more flexibility as to the way the data is to be stored and thought of by the analyst.


HBase's first version was 1.2.0, released to the public in 2016. This relatively new piece of database management software is currently beloved by many, and as such, it is constantly updated for newer features and bugfixes. We are currently on the stable release of 2.3.4, which is recent, being available since January of 2021. The next release has already been given a publicly downloadable preview in March of 2021, so we can safely expect a new version this year, packed with more useful features and bug fixes.